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Gifted Assessment

Gifted Assessment for Children

A complete psychoeducational assessment gives you a profile of your child’s learning ability, highlighting both their strengths and weaknesses. Through this kind of assessment, we learn if the child falls into the “gifted” category, which is characterized by exceptional intellectual ability. 

Gifted Assessment

Gifted Assessment

Approximately 2% of the population falls into the category of “gifted“. When children are rightly identified as gifted, they can be programmed according to their abilities, whether this be in their school or a new learning environment where they can receive enhanced learning opportunities and are suitably challenged. 

Giftedness can be the following types:

Some forms of gifted ability may be obvious to an onlooker such as superior language skills at a very young age or advanced academic ability, but other types are not as obvious and may lead to the child being singled out if they are not in an environment that is designed to perpetuate their skills and abilities. 

Therefore, a gifted assessment is recommended for children who display any of these characteristics. Gifted children may also present with social, emotional or learning difficulties. In some cases, their superior degree of emotional sensitivity or empathy can make them susceptible to anxiety or feelings of inadequacy.

A gifted assessment will let you in on the steps you can take to ensure that your child feels safe to flourish in their home and school life, and they are not forced to mask their abilities for fear of ostracization. These children may be capable of reaching great heights, but they require nurturing from their parents and teachers and this may look different for gifted kids than it does for the rest of the population. 

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