Impact Psychological Services

Lesley Sugden is the director of Impact Psychological Services Inc. She has been a registered psychologist for over 15 years, developing significant expertise working within the education settings in Alberta.

Lesley’s approach focuses on enhancing the understanding of how the physical, emotional and biological aspects of the human condition work together to impact overall mental wellbeing.

Lesley Sugden, M.A.

registered psychologist

Lesley is a registered psychologist who has been working in the education system with youth and adults in Calgary and surrounding areas for more than 15 years. 

I am grateful to have a career that allows me the privilege to work with people who allow me into their lives and support them through their life's journey.

Lesley uses evidence based approaches in her practice and believes learning is a lifelong endeavor and enjoys the pursuit of knowledge, insight and awareness.

impact psychological services

Lesley is passionate about helping youth and adults address social/emotional issues such as:

We aim to help individuals understand what they are experiencing and support them in developing effective strategies to cope with difficult life events. 

As a parent of three children, I can relate to the challenges of parenthood and consider it a privilege to support/coach parents with how to support their children in a happy and well-adjusted way. I am grateful and humbled to experience such rewarding opportunities.

Special Education

Lesley has supported students and teachers in special education settings such as mental health and behaviour classes. She also provides professional development and training in education settings to teachers and school staff to build capacity and enhance effective support to students. 


Lesley has a keen interest and extensive experience working with high-risk youth in the area of trauma. She is certified in the Neurosequential Model of Therapeutics developed by Dr. Bruce Perry. She also trains school staff and supports them to implement Dr. Stan Kutchner’s Mental Health Curriculum, which teaches students about mental health and wellness.

I advocate for and support schools/programs to implement a trauma-sensitive approach to addressing social/emotional, behavioural and learning issues for students.

Other Work Experience

Alberta Justice

Lesley works in the Brief Conflict Intervention program to support separating parents in learning how to co-parent and provide parents with strategies for supporting their children.

University Instructor

Lesley has been an instructor at the University of Calgary since 2013, instructing graduate level assessment courses at the Werklund Educational School Psychology Program.

Minds Over Matter

Lesley is an executive board member of Minds Over Matter, an organization whose mandate is to advocate and improve access to mental health support for all Albertans.